Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Books Campaign 2010: review from A View from the Cave

The Green Books Campaign celebrates books and publishers that reduce the carbon and pollution footprint of the publishing industry. Inside, Outside, Morningside uses 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper, and so definitely qualifies. This review, from the blog A View from the Cave, is somewhat mixed, but the reviewer says this:
The collection of poems are a long love letter to Alaska and her environment. It is the beauty of the landscape that allows Cole to find God and explore her own faith. The interruption of human activity is noted but only injected sparsely. The real focus is the Alaska that called to Jack London and pulled Chris McCandless into her. Robert Frost she is not, but Cole has a strong grasp on her surroundings made tragic by her passing and the lost opportunity to see promise flourish. I recommend this collection as the onset of fall provides the perfect time to take in what Hopkins, a clear influence, called “God’s Grandeur.”

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